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Best 50 Inspirational and Motivational Football Quotes

You never lose a game
if the opponent
doesn’t score.

Darrell Royal

(1924 – 2012, former American football player and coach)

Team of happy businessmen with soccer ball

You have to perform
at a consistently
higher level than others.
That’s the mark
of a true professional.

Joe Paterno

(1926 – 2012, former American college football coach)

Success is not forever
and failure isn’t fatal.

Don Shula

(*1930, former American football cornerback
and coach)

Without self-discipline,
success is impossible,

Lou Holtz

(*1937, retired American football coach,
and sportscaster)

Your talent determines
what you can do.
Your motivation determines
how much you are willing to do.
Your attitude determines
how well you do it.

Lou Holtz

(*1937; former American football coach)

Life is ten percent
what happens to you
and ninety percent
how you respond to it.

Lou Holtz

(*1937; former American football coach)

Before you can win,
you have to believe
you are worthy.

Mike Ditka

(*1939, former American football NFL player,
television commentator, and coach)

Success is no accident.
It is hard work,
learning, studying,
sacrifice and most of all,
love of what you are doing
or learning to do.


(*1940, retired Brazilian footballer)

I’ve never played
for a draw in my life.

Sir Alex Ferguson

(*1941, director of Manchester United)

doesn’t come out of nowhere.
It’s a result of something…
hours and days
and weeks and years
of constant work
and dedication.

Roger Staubach

(*1942; former NFL quarterback)

When you have confidence,
you can have a lot of fun.
And when you have fun,
you can do amazing things.

Joe Namath

(*1943, former NFL quarterback)

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  1. i think those are gonna make me (a female football player) try harder to please a coach that doesnt even want me on the team

  2. very insightful post on inspirational football quotes. Very helpful. These quotes help young people get motivated.