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Quotespeak explores and celebrates the wisdom of this world.

We gather together wise quotes and proverbs from ancient philosophers, famous businessmen, politicians, writers, authors, celebrities, newsmakers and athletes. Indeed, anyone who has ever uttered a memorable phrase may find their way into one of our quotes collections.

How We Arrange the Collections

Each collection contains either 25 or 50 quotes focused on one specific subject and sorted chronologically to show the evolution of people’s perspectives over the centuries. It is often eye-opening to see how views change.

The words we collect need not be famous, or especially wise. We also include contemporary views or tongue-in-cheek comments if we think that they fit the message of each collection.

The result is always an extensive collection of thoughtful maxims.

Our Unique Selling Point

The personal motto of the founder is to empower people by ‘sharing knowledge’. The sharing of knowledge has helped mankind thrive and evolve into the intelligent and productive species we are today. In the animal kingdom, as in business, as in sport, the sharing of knowledge can make the difference between survival and extinction, or winning and losing.

Each collection is not large but every quote included is hand-picked with great care.

What distinguishes us from other quote collection sites is that each quotes collection has the spirit of education in mind, even if some of our collections are compiled purely for entertainment purposes… still the educational thought is there.

We are passionate about quotes, and on a mission to curate them so that they stick and are easily remembered. We’d like to help our readers lead a happier life.

Who Uses Quotespeak?

We offer a plethora to think about for everyone. We reach thousands of people across the globe every day, and we attract educators, students, writers, journalists, researchers, media professionals, businesses and much more. All of them are quote-lovers, of all ages.

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