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Quotespeak explores and celebrates the wisdom of this world. We hand-pick quotes from great thinkers, ancient philosophers and famous people from all walks of life, and present them together in thematic compilations.

The synergy of the messages delivered by each quote allows for a rounded appreciation of a subject, offering wisdom and insights that otherwise would be lost or hidden.

With a highly visual style, plus innovative interactive formats that invite audience participation, we bring the best to an engaged global audience of curious, affluent people.


Our Audience is International, Young & Mobile

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”Never write an advertisement which you wouldn’t want your family to read. You wouldn’t tell lies to your own wife. Don’t tell them to mine.” – David Ogilvy


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A header ad can be targeted to specific pages, to countries, tags and categories.

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Here you can show any ad with the width of 300px. It will flow as the reader scrolls down the page.

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This is a nice position for clicks with a CTR up to 10%, depending how well targeted your ad is to the readers of the post.

You are totally free to show anything there. It can be a visual display, or a descriptive text in a box, or both. Let your imagination run wild to get as many as possible potential clients.

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Maximum of two Native Advertisements per month. First come first served.

Cost: 1.500 € per advertisement, paid in advance
Duration: 2 years

What Is A Native Advertising Campaign?

Native advertising is ordering a new quotes collection, fully targeted on the product/service you sell.

Native advertising simply means that links to the sponsor appear as native content, e.g. you are a sports shoe producer, which means that we will collect 50 quotes about sport shoes and their benefits, visualise some and add natural links through the entire collection to your Internet presence. So if you enjoy our quotes collections then be assured that the collection done on your order is also going to be of the same, very high quality.

Native adverts perform best for sponsors and provide the best experience for readers. In addition, they add valuable content to Quotespeak.

Traditional advertising formats especially banners are often perceived as intrusive and therefore many users have no choice but to use ad blockers; their numbers increasing. The death of online advertising is already being discussed. Unfortunately, this is understandable as probably each of us experienced for example, a video clip making a lot of embarrassing noises whilst we are surfing the Internet during a boring meeting trying to kill our time.

Please drop us an email if you wish to advertise on Quotespeak, or use our Contact Page to get in touch.

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