Advertising Guideline and Policy

Quotespeak explores and celebrates the wisdom of this world.

All quotes are hand-picked with great care. Each quotes collection has the spirit of education and knowledge sharing in mind, even if some of our collections may have been compiled purely for entertainment purposes… still the educational thought is there.

We are passionate about quotes, and on a mission to curate them so that they stick and are easily remembered. We’d like to help our readers lead a happy and fulfilled life.

About Advertising on Quotespeak

We strive to contribute to the worldwide Internet user experience with a high quality website. This philosophy is embedded in our design, our quotes collections and our features. Adverts on Quotespeak should be a quality experience for our readers not only whilst they are on our site but also after they click on your advert.

All adverts on Quotespeak must adhere to following guidelines, and we reserve the right to reject anything that in our opinion does not respect our terms and philosophy.

Advertising and Sponsorship Guidelines

Advertising and Sponsorship is a main source of revenue for Quotespeak.

All adverts must be conducted in a way that does not undermine the value of the Quotespeak brand. It should be in accordance with our Advertising and Sponsorship Guidelines (PDF for download). These Guidelines set out what adverts are acceptable in order to protect our global reputation and to ensure that editorial independence is maintained.

The Guidelines apply in addition to the relevant advertising regulations in specific territories. In the UK, for example, they apply in addition to the Advertising Standards Authority CAP codes; in the US, in addition to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Advertising and Marketing Rules on the Internet.

Brief Overview of The Main Rules

Clear Distinction Between Advertising and Editorial Content

We pay great attention to a proper distinction between adverts and editorial content.

There must be no subliminal or surreptitious adverts in any quotes collections or in any other articles published on Quotespeak. Affiliate links and links to sponsors are clearly marked as such.

Advertisements Must Not Mislead the User

Marketing communications must not mislead the consumer by omitting material information. They must not mislead by hiding material information or presenting it in an unclear, unintelligible, ambiguous or untimely manner

For example, free Offers must include simple access to all information pertaining to the method of qualifying for the Free Offer within the creative itself. Advertiser messaging must not promote false dietary claims.

All offers must comply with our guidelines and policies, and must not be deceptive, unfair, or contain deceptive pricing.

Political Advertising, Adult Content & Other Sensitive Content

We do not prohibit sensitive content adverts as our website is aimed at adult readers but we pay attention to offer our readers high quality content not only on our own website but also when they follow an advertiser link.

It’s about trust and authority. We wish that our readers trust our recommendations (adverts).

Sponsorship by advertisers in the following categories require therefore special approval:

  • political advertising
  • advertising for faith, religion and equivalent systems of belief
  • advertising for adult products and services
    This category includes pornography (such as British Board of Film Classification rated R18 films), sex chat lines, sexually explicit publications and websites, sex toys, sexual products and services, and escort agencies. It also includes advertising that promotes casual sex or international match-making services. It does not include dating services of a non-sexual nature.
  • advertising for tobacco products
  • advertising for weapons and gun clubs
  • pharmaceutical adverts promoting adult-oriented drugs
  • governments and government agencies (except tourism boards and trade or investment boards)
  • charities, foundations and non-governmental organisations
  • lobby groups
  • betting, gaming, gambling, casinos and lotteries
  • any product or service which shares a name or trademark with a prohibited product or service, sometimes referred to as ‘Surrogate advertising’

Strictly Prohibited

  • Promotion of illegal activities or offers.
  • Adverts directed to children 13 years of age or younger.
  • Adverts that promote discrimination, violence, or displays defamatory, profane, hateful, or libelous material.
  • Adverts that misrepresent, ridicule, or attack an individual or group on the basis of age, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Anything that might trigger a serious phobia – e.g. realistic spiders, cockroaches, snakes.
  • Nudity & sexually explicit images or content.
  • Any pop-ups and other distracting formats