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Be Proactive & Take Action – 25 Positive Quotes to Lift You Up

Say and do
something positive
that will help the situation;
it doesn’t take
any brains to complain.

Robert Andrew Cook

(1912 – 1991, Christian author and pastor)

Positive Quote: Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow - Doug Firebaugh

Work hard,
stay positive,
and get up early.
It’s the best part
of the day.

George Herbert Allen

(1918 – 1990, American football coach)

A strong positive
mental attitude
will create more miracles
than any wonder drug.

Patricia Neal

(1926 – 2010, American actress)

Once you replace
negative thoughts
with positive ones,
you’ll start
having positive results.

Willie Hugh Nelson

(*1933, American country music singer-songwriter,
as well as an author, poet, actor, and activist)

A positive attitude
can really make
dreams come true
– it did for me.

David Royston Bailey

(*1938, English photographer)

A lot of times
people look
at the negative side
of what they feel
they can’t do.
I always look
on the positive side
of what I can do.

Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris

(*1940, American martial artist and actor)

You cannot have
a positive life
and a negative mind.

Joyce Meyer

(*1943, Charismatic Christian author and speaker)

Get going.
Move forward.
Aim High.
Plan a takeoff.
Don’t just sit
on the runway
and hope
someone will come along
and push the airplane.
It simply won’t happen.
Change your attitude
and gain some altitude.
Believe me,
you’ll love it up here.

Donald John Trump, Sr.

(*1946, American business magnate)

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