Language Quote: A different language is a different vision of life - Federico Fellini

50 of the Best Quotes to Learn a Foreign Language

If you want people to understand you,
you speak their language.

African Proverb

Language Quote: With each language, you learn to free yourself from your trapped spirit - Friedrich Rückert

You are as many a person
as languages you know.

Armenian Proverb

Learning is a treasure
that will follow its owner everywhere.

Chinese Proverb

Learn a new language
and get a new soul.

Czech Proverb

Who knows the language
is at home everywhere.

Dutch Proverb

A foreign language
is more easily learned in the kitchen
than at school.

German Proverb

The man who knows two languages
is worth two men.

Italian Proverb

A man can be recognized
by his language.

Jewish proverb

Old donkeys do not learn languages.
Portuguese Proverb

Love has its own language,
but marriage falls back on the local dialect.

Russian proverb

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