Nature moves on and never stops moving

Moving On, Letting Go, and Moving Forward – Truly Motivational Quotes

Achievement seems to be
connected with action.
Successful men and women
keep moving.
They make mistakes,
but they don’t quit.

Conrad Hilton

(1887 – 1979, American hotelier)

Moving on Quote: You can't start the next chapter of your life - Michael McMillan

A man will be
imprisoned in a room
with a door
that’s unlocked
and opens inwards;
as long as it does not
occur to him
to pull
rather than push.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

(1889 – 1951, Austrian-British philosopher)

Man maintains his balance,
poise, and sense of security
only as he is
moving forward.

Maxwell Maltz

(1889 – 1975, American cosmetic surgeon,
and author of Psycho-Cybernetics)

We keep moving forward,
opening new doors,
and doing new things,
because we’re curious
and curiosity keeps leading us
down new paths.

Walter Elias “Walt” Disney

(1901 – 1966, American business magnate)

Not to engage
in the pursuit of ideas
is to live like ants
instead of like men.

Mortimer Adler

(1902 – 2001, American philosopher and educator)

The only way
to make sense
out of change
is to plunge into it,
move with it,
and join the dance.

Alan Watts

(1915 – 1973, English philosopher,
writer, and speaker)

Change is the law of life.
And those
who look only
to the past or present
are certain
to miss the future.

John F. Kennedy,
commonly known as JFK

(1917 – 1963, 35th President of the US)

Forget the past.
Nelson Mandela

1918 – 2013, South African anti-apartheid revolutionary)

If you can’t fly
then run,
if you can’t run
then walk,
if you can’t walk
then crawl,
but whatever you do
you have to keep
moving forward.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

(1929 – 1968, American clergyman, activist,
humanitarian, and leader in
the African-American Civil Rights Movement)

Don’t dwell
on what went wrong.
focus on what to do next.
Spend your energies
on moving forward
toward finding the answer.

Denis E. Waitley

(*1933, American motivational author and consultant)

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