Goalkeeper Kawin Thamsatchanan of Muangthong Utd. during a training

Best 50 Winning and Success Quotes by Football Players and Coaches

I won’t say
we have to win.
I won’t put that pressure.
But we can’t lose.

José Mourinho

(*1963, Portuguese football manager,
currently the manager of Manchester United F.C.)

Winning Quote: The team played very well and I was delighted to help out with three goals - Ronaldinho

I know
what it’s like
to win things.
You need
a certain type of player
with a determination to win.
You see it
in the eyes.

Ruud Gullit, born as Rudi Dil

(*1962, Dutch football manager and former football player)

Talent wins games,
but teamwork and intelligence
wins championships.

Michael Jeffrey Jordan

(*1963, American former professional basketball player, and entrepreneur,
also known by his initials MJ)

We knew
that you don’t get
to be world champions
without a struggle.

Éric Daniel Pierre Cantona

(*1966, French actor and former captain of Manchester United)

Behind every kick
of the ball
there has to be
a thought.

Dennis Nicolaas Bergkamp

(*1969, former Dutch professional footballer)

For me,
winning isn’t something
that happens suddenly
on the field
when the whistle blows
and the crowds roar.
Winning is something
that builds physically
and mentally every day
that you train
and every night
that you dream.

Emmitt James Smith, III

(*1969, retired American football player
who was a running back in the NFL for fifteen seasons)

Football’s not just
about scoring goals
– it’s about winning.

Alan Shearer

(*1970, English retired footballer)

if you lose today
you will continue
to be the best in the world,
but if you win today,
you will be eternal.

Josep “Pep” Guardiola i Sala

(*1971, Spanish football manager,
and currently manager of Manchester City F.C.)

When results aren’t good
the manager gets the sack,
that’s the game.

Roy Keane

(*1971, former captain of both Manchester United and Ireland)

You can’t be
begging players
to stay at your football club.
Sometimes you gotta
lose to win.

Roy Keane,
on Wayne Rooney’s request
to leave Manchester United

(*1971, Irish football manager and former player)

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