Your life is what your thoughts make it - Confucius

Best Confucius Quotes to Encourage You to Change

All people are the same;
only their habits differ.

Your life is what your thoughts make it - Confucius

Be strict with yourself
but least reproachful of others
and complaint is kept afar.

Anyone can find the switch
after the lights are on.

Without feelings of respect,
what is there to distinguish men from beasts?

Better a diamond with a flaw
than a pebble without.

Before you embark
on a journey of revenge,
dig two graves.

When you see a good person,
think of becoming like her/him.
When you see someone not so good,
reflect on your own weak points.

To see the right and not to do
it is cowardice.

The journey of a thousand miles
begins with one single step.

Wheresoever you go,
go with all your heart.

A man who has committed a mistake
and doesn’t correct it
is committing another mistake.

Faced with what is right,
to leave it undone
shows a lack of courage.

He who conquers himself
is the mightiest warrior.

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