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50 Best Discipline Quotes – Self-Control and Willpower

If you do not conquer self,
you will be conquered by self.

Napoleon Hill

(1883 – 1970, American author)

Discipline Quote: Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty - Frank Herbert

If we don’t
discipline ourselves,
the world
will do it for us.

William Feather

(1889 – 1981, American publisher and author)

One half of life is luck;
the other half
is discipline –
and that’s
the important half,
for without discipline
you wouldn’t know
what to do with your luck.

Carl Zuckmayer

(1896 – 1977, German writer and playwright)

It is one
of the strange ironies
of this strange life
that those
who work the hardest,
who subject themselves
to the strictest discipline,
who give up
certain pleasurable things
in order to achieve a goal,
are the happiest men.

Brutus Hamilton

(1900 – 1970, American scholar,
philosopher, and poet)

Punishment may make us
obey the orders
we are given,
but at best
it will only teach
an obedience to authority,
not a self-control
which enhances our self-respect.

Bruno Bettelheim

(1903 – 1990, Austrian-born American
child psychologist and writer)

Self-respect is
the root of discipline:
The sense of dignity grows
with the ability
to say no to oneself.

Abraham Joshua Heschel

(1907 – 1972, Polish-born American rabbi)

Without discipline,
there’s no life at all.

Katharine Hepburn

(1907 – 2003, American actress of film,
stage and television)

It’s easy
to have faith in yourself
and have discipline
when you’re a winner,
when you’re number one.
What you got to have
is faith and discipline
when you’re not a winner.

Vince Lombardi

(1913 – 1970, American football player,
coach and executive)

Latin american female corporate sitting with laptop and holding magnifying glassThe man who waits for roast duck
to fly into mouth
must wait very, very long time.

Chinese proverb

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