Business Quotes – Motivational Words to Thrive Your Business

The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows - Aristotle Socrates Onassis

Welcome to our collection of motivational and at the same time thought-provoking business quotes.

We have picked 50 wise words and quotes by ancient philosophers, famous entrepreneurs, business founders, and investors.

Whilst collecting and deciding which quotes to include, we had in mind those people who have novel ideas but do not act. Many people fear the risk or are discouraged because they think surely other people must have had the same idea. But opportunity, though unknown, may be just behind the next corner.

The quotes are presented in chronological order by the birth date of the author and provides a great picture how perception developed over time.

Enjoy the quotes, inspire yourself to stay motivated, focused, and remember, never give up and be positive!

Big results
require big ambitions.


(535 – 475 BC, Greek philosopher and metaphysician)

A good decision
is based on knowledge,
and not on numbers.


(428 – 347 BC, Greek philosopher,
mathematician and writer)

Business Quote: One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time - André Gide

Fortune favours
the audacious.

Desiderius Erasmus

(1466 – 1536, Dutch humanist,
teacher and theologian)

Who likes
not his business,
his business
likes not him.

William Hazlitt

(1778 – 1830, English writer,
social commentator and philosopher)

It is not the strongest
of the species that survive,
nor the most intelligent,
but the one
most responsive to change.

Charles Robert Darwin

(1809 – 1882, English naturalist)

The man
with a new idea
is a crank,
until the idea succeeds.

Mark Twain

(1835 – 1910, American author and humorist)

Twenty years from now
you will be more
disappointed by the things
that you didn’t do
than by the ones
you did do.

Mark Twain

(1835 – 1910, American author and humorist)

The first one
gets the oyster
the second
gets the shell.

Andrew Carnegie

(1835 – 1919, Scottish-American industrialist)

A friendship
founded on business
is better
than a business
founded on friendship.

John D. Rockefeller

(1839 – 1937, American industrialist and philanthropist)

The man
who does not work
for the love of work
but only for money
is not likely
to neither make money
nor find much fun in life.

Charles Michael Schwab

(1862 – 1939, American steel magnate)

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