Nature is written in mathematical language - Galileo Galilei

25 Most Notable and Wise Quotes about Mathematics

No matter how correct
a mathematical theorem
may appear to be,
one ought never to be satisfied that
there was not something
imperfect about it
until it also gives the impression
of being beautiful.

George Boole

(1815 – 1864, English mathematician, philosopher and logician)

Math Quote: Nature is written in mathematical language - Galileo Galilei

We are servants
rather than masters
in mathematics.

Charles Hermite

(1822 – 1901, French mathematician)

In mathematics
the art of proposing a question
must be held of higher value
than solving it.

Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philipp Cantor

(1845 – 1918, German mathematician)

Every good mathematician is
at least half a philosopher,
and every good philosopher is
at least half a mathematician.

Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege

(1848 – 1925, German mathematician, logician and philosopher)

It is impossible
to be a mathematician
without being a poet in soul.

Sofia Vasilyevna Kovalevskaya

(1850 – 1891, first major Russian female mathematician)

Mathematicians are born,
not made.

Jules Henri Poincaré

(1854 – 1912, French mathematician,
theoretical physicist, and engineer)

Mathematics knows no races
or geographic boundaries;
for mathematics,
the cultural world
is one country.

David Hilbert

(1862 – 1943, German mathematician)

Pure mathematics is,
in its way,
the poetry of logical ideas.

Albert Einstein

(1879 – 1955, German-born theoretical physicist)

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  2. Nice math quotes! I think my fav was from Johann Carl. The queen of sciences and arithmetic. Going to check out the other pages and let you know my favorites from those!

  3. This all are my favorites one’s. Great that God Jesus Christ Created such a beautiful thing such as Mathematics.