Guilt Quote: He who flees from trial confesses his guilt - Syrus

50 Profound Quotes about Guilt

The following collection contains 50 of the most remarkable sayings and quotes about guilt to help you to feel less guilty.

You are only guilty if you have purposefully harmed someone. Do not feel guilty if you have not done so!

Have you done something criminal? Or something that could be considered criminal? If not, do not feel guilty, and pay no heed to people who try to make you feel guilty!

The quotes are sorted chronologically by birth date of the originator and provide a wide picture of the perception of guilt and dealing with it over the centuries.

Hope the collection helps you to get over your unjust feeling of guilt!

A god implants in mortal guilt
whenever he wants
utterly to confound a house.


(c. 525 – c. 456 BC, Greek tragedian)

Guilt Quote: Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do - Voltaire

Nothing is more wretched
than the mind of a man
conscious of guilt.


(c. 254 – 184 BC, Roman playwright)

Rather leave the crime
of the guilty unpunished
than condemn the innocent.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

(106 BC – 43 BC, Roman philosopher, politician, lawyer,
orator, political theorist, consul, and constitutionalist)

He who flees from trial
confesses his guilt.


(85 – 43 BC, Latin writer)

Every guilty person
is his own hangman.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

(c. 4 BC – AD 65, Roman Stoic philosopher,
statesman, dramatist)

He is not guilty
who is not guilty
of his own free will.

Seneca the Younger

(c. 4 BC – AD 65, Roman philosopher,
statesman, dramatist, and humorist)

Repentant tears wash out
the stain of guilt.

Saint Augustine

(354 – 430, Christian theologian and philosopher)

Guilt is anything
you did and fear
others to know about.


(c. 570 – 632, the central figure of Islam)

The guilty think
all talk is
of themselves.

Geoffrey Chaucer

(1343 – 1400, known as the Father of English literature)

One threatens the innocent
who spares the guilty.

Edward Coke

(1552 – 1634, English barrister, judge and opposition politician)

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