Guilt Quote: He who flees from trial confesses his guilt - Syrus

50 Profound Quotes about Guilt

Suspicion always haunts
the guilty mind.

William Shakespeare

(1564 – 1616, English poet, playwright, and actor)

Guilt Quote: One is often guilty by being too just - Pierre Corneille

Where guilt is,
rage and courage both abound.

Ben Jonson

(1572 – 1637, English dramatist, poet and actor)

One is often guilty
by being too just.

Pierre Corneille

(1606 – 1684, French tragedian)

Innocence does not find
near so much protection
as guilt.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

(1613 – 1680, French author of maxims and memoirs)

Every man is guilty
of all the good
he did not do.


(1694 – 1778, French writer, historian, and philosopher)

Guilt has very quick ears
to an accusation.

Henry Fielding

(1707 – 1754, English novelist and dramatist)

Whoever blushes
is already guilty;
true innocence
is ashamed of nothing.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

(1712 – 1778, Francophone Genevan philosopher,
writer, and composer)

It is better
that ten guilty escape
than one innocent suffer.

William Blackstone

(1723 – 1780, English jurist, judge and Tory politician)

Guilt is the very nerve
of sorrow.

Horace Bushnell

(1802 – 1876, American Congregational minister)

The innocence
that feels no risk
and is taught no caution,
is more vulnerable than guilt,
and oftener assailed.

Nathaniel Parker Willis

(1806 -1867, American author,
poet and editor)

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