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Value Yourself and Value Life – 50 Quotes to Cheer You Up

We should seek
the greatest value
of our action.

Stephen Hawking

(*1942, British theoretical physicist,
cosmologist, and author)

Life Quote: Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another - Marquis de Condorcet

The past
has infinite value
if one learns from it.

Ken Hensley

(*1945, English keyboard player,
guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer)

To add value to others,
one must first value others.

John C. Maxwell

(*1947, evangelical Christian author,
speaker, and pastor)

Find people
who share your values,
and you’ll conquer
the world together.

John Ratzenberger

(*1947, American actor and entrepreneur)

Values aren’t buses…
They’re not supposed
to get you anywhere.
They’re supposed
to define who you are.

Jennifer Crusie

(*1949, American author)

People focus
on role models;
it is more effective
to find anti-models.
People you don’t want
to resemble
when you grow up.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

(*1960, pioneering trader
of complex financial derivatives)

If we aren’t willing
to pay a price
for our values,
then we should ask ourselves
whether we truly
believe in them at all.

Barack Obama

(*1961, 44th President of the United States)

Poor people
put a low value on themselves
and their efforts.

Daymond John

(*1969, American entrepreneur,
investor, and author)

Your true value
depends entirely on
what you are compared with.

Bob Wells

(Contributing editor for Windows & .NET Magazine)

Value yourself.
The only people
who appreciate a doormat
are people with dirty shoes.

Unknown Author

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