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23 Life Insurance Quotes – Witty and Meaningful

A good retirement career
for an actuary
is a fortune teller
that tells people
how long they are going to live.

DudeMan in actuarialoutpost.com Forum

Life Insurance Quote: Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is one hundred percent - Ronald David Laing

A full-time student
with no siblings or parents
might be affected financially
by his premature death.
Harry Potter doesn’t have
a need for life insurance.

David Woods

The chief beneficiary
of life insurance policies
for young, single people
is the life insurance agent.

Wes Smith

You can’t put
a value on a human life,
but my wife’s life insurance company
made a pretty fair offer.

Unknown Author

Whatever excuses you may have
for not buying life insurance now
will only sound ridiculous
to your widow.

Unknown Author

The only thing a man can buy
on the instalment plan,
on which his widow
won’t have to finish the payments
after he dies,
is life insurance.

Unknown Author

You don’t buy life insurance
because you are going to die,
but because those you love
are going to live.

Unknown Author

Life Insurance offers a man
the only way
where he can make his will
before he makes his money.

Unknown Author

Would you agree
that the only person
who can take care
of the older person
you will someday be –
is the younger person
you are now?

Unknown Author

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