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Best 50 Short Motivational Quotes from the World of Sports – Win!

We create
success or failure
on the course
primarily by our thoughts.

Gary Player

(*1935, South African professional golfer)

Teamwork Quote: To win you have to score one more goal than your opponent - Johan Cruyff

Great moments
are born
from great opportunities.

Herbert Paul Brooks, Jr.

(1937 – 2003, American ice hockey player and coach)

Without self-discipline,
success is impossible,

Louis Leo “Lou” Holtz

(*1937, retired American football coach, and active sportscaster)

You can’t get much
done in life
if you only work
on the days
when you feel good.

Jerry Alan West

(*1938, retired American basketball player)

If everything seems under control,
you’re just
not going fast enough.

Mario Gabriele Andretti

(*1940, retired Italian American world champion racing driver)

Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.

Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr.

(1943 – 1993, American professional tennis player
who won three Grand Slam titles)

Champions keep playing
until they get it right.

Billie Jean King

(*1943, American former World No. 1 professional tennis player
who won 39 Grand Slam titles)

Excellence is the gradual result
of always striving to do better.

Patrick James “Pat” Riley

(*1945, American professional basketball executive,
former coach and player in the NBA)

The strength of the team
is each individual member.
The strength of each member
is the team.

Philip Douglas “Phil” Jackson

(*1945, American retired professional basketball coach and player)

You don’t have
to have been a horse
to be a jockey.

Arrigo Sacchi

(*1946, former manager of title winning AC Milan,
who never kicked a ball professionally)

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  1. Great job. Nice blog regarding quotes.All the list you mentioned in it is very inspirational and motivational. After reading it i come to the point that it filled a person with motivation and inspire him towards life. It is full of with positive energy. I like all the quotes. I would also like to share it with my friends and dear and near ones. Thanks for sharing.