People do not lack strength; they lack will - Victor Hugo

Quotes about Strength – You Have Power Over Your Mind!

Strength does not come
from physical capacity.
It comes
from an indomitable will.

Mahatma Gandhi

(1869 – 1948, leader of Indian nationalism)

Cartoon: dog giving owner the newspaper under condition that he isn't going to be upsetI’ll only give you the paper
if you promise not to let the news upset you.

A powerful idea
communicates some
of its strength to him
who challenges it.

Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust

(1871 – 1922, French novelist,
critic, and essayist)

Continuous effort
– not strength or intelligence –
is the key
to unlocking our potential.

Winston Churchill

(1874 – 1965, British politician,
Prime Minister of the UK)

Strength and growth
come only
through continuous
effort and struggle.

Napoleon Hill

(1883 – 1970, American author)

With the new day
comes new strength
and new thoughts.

Eleanor Roosevelt

(1884 – 1962, First Lady of the United States)

Only strength
can cooperate.
can only beg.

Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower

(1890 – 1969, 34th President of the United States)

Worry does not empty
tomorrow of its sorrow,
it empties
today of its strength.

Cornelia “Corrie” ten Boom

(1892 – 1983, Dutch who helped many Jews
escape the Nazi Holocaust during World War II)

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