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Great & Truly Meaningful Quotes for Philosophical Thinking

I would rather die
a meaningful death
than to live
a meaningless life.

Maria Corazon “Cory” Aquino

(1933 – 2009, Philippine politician who served
as the 11th President of the Philippines,
the first woman to hold that office)

For things to change, you have to change - Jim Rohn

What we like
to think of ourselves
and what we really are
rarely have much in common.

Stephen Edwin King

(*1947, American author of contemporary horror,
suspense, science fiction, and fantasy)

Happiness comes
when we test our skills
towards some meaningful purpose.

John Frank Stossel

(*1947, American television personality and author)

Don’t wait
until everything is just right.
It will never be perfect.

Mark Victor Hansen

(*1948, American motivational speaker, trainer and author)

Set impossible challenges.
Then catch up with them.

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson

(*1950, English businessman and investor;
best known as the founder of Virgin Group)

There are lots of jobs
in search of talent.
And there’s lots of talent
in search
of meaningful work.

Maynard Webb

(*1955, American author,
30-year veteran of the technology industry,
Chairman of the Board of Directors at Yahoo!)

I have learned
that there is more power
in a good strong hug
than in a thousand
meaningful words.

Ann Hood

(*1956, American novelist and short story writer)

Success is only
meaningful and enjoyable
if it feels like your own.

Michelle Obama

(*1964, American lawyer and writer;
wife of the 44th President of the United States)

It is better to have
a meaningful life
and make a difference
than to merely have a long life.

Bryant Harrison McGill

(*1969, American author, aphorist and speaker)

Do not let
your grand ambitions
stand in the way
of small but meaningful

Bryant Harrison McGill

(*1969, American author, aphorist and speaker)

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