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Great & Truly Meaningful Quotes for Philosophical Thinking

Instead of telling the world
what you’re eating for breakfast,
you can use social networking
to do something
that’s meaningful.

Edward Norton

(*1969, American actor, screenwriter, director and activist)

Always put your fears behind you and your dreams in front of you.

A thank-you
can be just as meaningful
as a soulful ten-page message.

Drew Blyth Barrymore

(*1975, American actress, producer and author)

the simple things
are more fun and meaningful
than all the banquets
in the world.

Elizabeth Ann Bucchianeri

(??, American Author)

The only thing in life
achieved without effort
is failure.

Unknown Author

Never give up on something
that you can’t go
a day without
thinking about.

Unknown Author

Always put your fears
behind you
and your dreams
in front of you.

Unknown Author

There is no future
in the past.
Forgive and think
no more of it.

Unknown Author

Understanding is an art,
and not everyone is an artist!

Unknown Author

A hundred words put together
to formulate an excuse
will never provide the solution.

Unknown Author

If you want
to HAVE the time of your life,
change how
you USE the time in your life.

Unknown Author

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