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Best 50 Sharing Knowledge Quotes – Words of Great Wisdom

We are drowning in information
but starved for knowledge.

John Naisbitt

(*1929, American author and public speaker)

Sharing Knowledge Cartoon: Therapist conducts meeting of bears in the woodsWe are communicating better but we are still not out of the woods.

Isn’t it strange
how much we know
if only we ask ourselves
instead of somebody else.

Richard Bach

(*1936, American writer)

Sharing is sometimes
more demanding than giving.

Mary Catherine Bateson

(*1939, American writer and cultural anthropologist)

The greatest enemy of knowledge
is not ignorance;
it is the illusion of knowledge.

Stephen Hawking

(*1942, British theoretical physicist and cosmologist)

In today’s environment,
hoarding knowledge
ultimately erodes your power.
If you know
something very important,
the way to get power
is by actually sharing it.

Joseph L. Badaracco

(*1948, professor of Business ethics at Harvard Business School)

Often, we are too slow
to recognize how much
and in what ways
we can assist each other
through sharing
expertise and knowledge.

Owen Arthur

(*1949, Barbadian politician)

Knowledge management
will never work
until corporations realize
it’s not about
how you capture knowledge but
how you create and leverage it.

Étienne Wenger

(*1952, Swiss educational theorist and practitioner)

Sharing will enrich
everyone with more knowledge.

Ana Monnar

(*1954, Cuban-born, founder of Readers Are Leaders U.S.A.)

Alchemists turned into chemists
when they stopped keeping secrets.

Eric Raymond

(*1957, American computer programmer, and author)

If you aren’t sharing knowledge,
you are no different from the guy
who files
false workers’ compensation insurance claims.

Jack Vinson

(*1966, American consultant knowledge management)

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