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Best 50 Sharing Knowledge Quotes – Words of Great Wisdom

Knowledge increases by sharing
but not by saving.

Kamari aka Lyrikal

(*1978, Californian YouTube musician)

Sharing Knowledge Cartoon: Colleagues discuss broken computerIt could be an expensive repair, or it could be the plug is out.

When we know it,
you’ll know it…


(U.S. cable news channel founded in 1980)

Sometimes the best advice to take is
the advice you give to others.

Unknown Author

Sharing your knowledge with others
does not make
you less important.


Keeping knowledge erodes power.
Sharing is the fuel
to your growth engine.


Sharing is caring.

Sharing knowledge can seem
like a burden to some
but on the contrary,
it is a reflection
of teamwork and leadership.


He who undertakes
to be his own teacher
has a fool for a pupil.

German proverb

There is no knowledge
without unity.

Irish proverb

In teaching others
we teach ourselves.

Traditional proverb

Sharing Knowledge Cartoon: Group looking at a whiteboard with very strange word on itIf I had to use just one word to describe our strategy…

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  1. Great quotes by the way I’d like to use some of them for my new blog,