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Top 50 Money Quotes to Change the Way You Think

The price
we have to pay for money
is sometimes liberty.

Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson

(1850 – 1894, Scottish novelist, poet,
essayist and travel writer)

Life Quote: Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.

It is better
to have a permanent income
than to be fascinating.

Oscar Wilde

(1854 – 1900, Irish writer and poet)

The man
who does not work
for the love of work
but only for money
is not likely
to neither make money
nor find much fun in life.

Charles M Schwab

(1862 – 1939, American steel magnate)

A business
that makes nothing but money
is a poor business.

Henry Ford

(1863 – 1947, American industrialist)

Nobody works as hard
for his money
as the man
who marries it.

Frank McKinney Hubbard,
better known by his pen name “Kin” Hubbard

(1868 – 1930, American cartoonist, humorist and journalist)

Money is power,
freedom, a cushion,
the root of all evil,
the sum of blessings.

Carl Sandburg

(1878 – 1967, American poet, writer,
and editor who won three Pulitzer Prizes)

Too many people spend money
they haven’t earned,
to buy things
they don’t want,
to impress people
that they don’t like.

William Penn Adair “Will” Rogers

(1879 – 1935, American cowboy, humorist,
social commentator and motion picture actor)

Money without brains
is always dangerous.

Napoleon Hill

(1883 – 1970, American author)

There are people
who have money
and people
who are rich.

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel,
better known as Coco Chanel

(1883 – 1971, French fashion designer)

Concept illustration: gambling, roulette & casino / Konzept Illustration: Glücksspiel, Roulette & CasinoHe who can persuade someone not to gamble
has earned money for him.

Chinese Proverb

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