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Value Quotes and Proverbs – About the True Value of Money

Price is what you pay.
Value is what you get.

Warren Buffett

(*1930, American business magnate,
investor and philanthropist)

Value Quote: A diamond doesn't lose its value due to lack of admiration - African Proverb

You must look within
for value,
but must look beyond
for perspective.

Denis Waitley

(*1933, American motivational speaker and writer)

Effectiveness without values
is a tool
without a purpose.

Edward de Bono

(*1933, Maltese physician, author,
inventor, and consultant)

Currencies fluctuate;
commodity prices fluctuate.
Why should we expect
earnings to rise
in a straight line upwards?

William G. Shenkir

(*1938, University of Virginia
commerce professor and writer)

Money is not real.
It is a conscious agreement
on measuring value.

John Ralston Saul

(*1947, Canadian author, and essayist)

Money is an invention
of the marketplace of exchange,
brought into being
by traders
who discovered
that a reliable medium
could facilitate trades
that were more difficult
or even impossible
by barter alone.

Lawrence W. Reed

(*1953, American president
of the Foundation for Economic Education)

A price is
something you get.
A cost is
something you lose.

Lois McMaster Bujold

(*1949, American writer)

(Value) investing is not
a paint-by-numbers exercise.
Skepticism and judgment
are always required.

Seth Klarman

(*1957, American billionaire
and founder of the Baupost Group)

Linux is only free
if your time
has no value.

Jamie Zawinski

(*1968, American professional
computer programmer)

The least of things
with a meaning
is worth more in life
than the greatest of things
without it.


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