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Value Quotes and Proverbs – About the True Value of Money

A boy becomes a man
when he stops
asking his father for money
and requests a loan.


Value Quote: Alchemists in their search for gold discovered many other things of greater value - Arthur Schopenhauer

Not cheap without reason,
nor dear without value.

Afghan Proverb

If you have not been
to two different bazaars,
then you do not know
what the best value is.

African Proverb

A diamond
doesn’t lose its value
due to lack of admiration.

African Proverb

We never know
the worth of water
’til the well is dry.

English Proverb

There’s little value
in the single cow.

Irish Proverb

To know
that candles are expensive
is of no value
to the blind man.

Russian proverb

Whoever rides
into the flood,
either does not own the animal
or doesn’t value it.

Sicilian Proverb

A good neighbor
increases the value
of your property.

Czech Proverb

which is cheap
is dear.

Spanish Proverb

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