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Best 50 Inspirational and Motivational Football Quotes

You only stop learning
when you quit.

Ruud Gullit

(*1962, Dutch football manager and former player)

Football players legs close shot with ball

Money does not
guarantee success.

José Mourinho

(*1963, currently the manager of Manchester United F.C.)

Often there are players
who have only football
as a way of expressing themselves
and never develop
other interests.
And when they no longer
play football,
they no longer do anything;
they no longer exist,
or rather they have the sensation
of no longer existing.

Eric Cantona

(* 1966, French actor and former player of
Manchester United and the French national team)

Behind every kick
of the ball
there has to be a thought.

Dennis Bergkamp

(*1969, former Dutch player now assistant manager at Ajax)

Football’s not just
about scoring goals
– it’s about winning.

Alan Shearer

(*1970, retired EPL striker
having played for Southampton,
Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United
and the England national team)

A champion is someone
who does not settle
for that day’s practice,
that day’s competition,
that day’s performance.
They are always striving
to be better.
They don’t live in the past.

Briana Scurry

(*1971, retired American soccer goalkeeper)

Fail to prepare,
prepare to fail.

Roy Keane

(*1971, former captain of both
Manchester United and Ireland)

Every single day
I wake up
and commit to myself
to becoming a better player.

Mia Hamm

(*1972, retired American soccer player)

The mistake is
to imagine
that perfection is possible
when the very idea
is unthinkable.

Luis Figo

(*1972, former Portuguese attacking midfielder for
Sporting Lisbon, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Internazionale)

If I feel
I’m not influencing games,
not scoring goals
or making goals,
then that’s the time
I’d pack it in.

Ryan Giggs

(*1973, current Manchester United player
and former captain of Wales)

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  1. i think those are gonna make me (a female football player) try harder to please a coach that doesnt even want me on the team

  2. very insightful post on inspirational football quotes. Very helpful. These quotes help young people get motivated.