Baseball player in front of Grandcanyon panorama

50 Great Motivational Quotes about Baseball to Inspire You

To win.
Nothing else matters,
and nothing else will do.

Sanford “Sandy” Koufax

(*1935, American baseball player, left-handed pitcher)

February is always
a bad month for TV sports.
Football is gone,
basketball is plodding along
in the annual mid season doldrums,
and baseball is not even mentioned.

Hunter Stockton Thompson

(1937 – 2005, American journalist and author)

Playing baseball
for a living is
like having
a license to steal.

Pete Rose

(*1941, American former MLB baseman,
fielder, and manager)

it is said,
is only a game.
And the Grand Canyon
is only a hole in Arizona.

George Frederick Will

(*1941, American newspaper columnist, journalist, and author)

Some days
you tame the tiger,
and some days
the tiger has you for lunch.

Tug McGraw

(1944 – 2004, American Major League Baseball relief pitcher)

The sun doesn’t shine
on the same dog’s ass
all the time.

James Augustus “Catfish” Hunter

(1946 – 1999, American professional baseball player in the MLB)

Fans don’t boo no-bodies.
Reggie Jackson

(*1946, American former Major League Baseball right fielder)

I throw the ball
ninety-two miles an hour,
but they hit it back
just as hard.

Joaquín Andújar

(1952 – 2015, Major League Baseball
right-handed starting pitcher)

kind of perceives me
as being angry.
It’s not anger,
it’s motivation.

William Roger Clemens

(*1962, American former baseball starting pitcher)

One of the beautiful things
about baseball
is the history.

James Anthony Abbott

(*1967, former Major League Baseball pitcher)

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