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50 Great Motivational Quotes about Baseball to Inspire You

Baseball is like a poker game.
Nobody wants to quit
when he’s losing;
nobody wants you to quit
when you’re ahead.

Jackie Robinson

(1919 – 1972; American Major League Baseball second baseman)

Baseball Quotes: Catching a fly ball is a pleasure, but knowing what to do with it after you catch it is a business - Tommy Henrich

A pitcher has to look
at the hitter
as his mortal enemy.

Early Wynn

(1920 – 1999; American Major League Baseball pitcher)

Friendships are forgotten
when the game begins.

Alvin Ralph Dark

(1922 – 2014, nicknamed “Blackie” and “The Swamp Fox”,
former shortstop and manager in Major League Baseball)

Little League baseball
is a very good thing
because it keeps
the parents off the streets.

Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra

(1925 – 2015, American Major League Baseball catcher,
outfielder, and manager)

Baseball and malaria
keep coming back.

Gene William Mauch

(1925 – 2005, American professional baseball player and manager)

You can shake
a dozen glove men out of a tree,
but the bat separates
the men from the boys.

Dale Long

(1926 – 1991; American Major League Baseball first baseman)

Baseball is like driving,
it’s the one
who gets home safely
that counts.

Tommy Lasorda

(*1927; American former Major League Baseball pitcher and manager)

Everything looks nicer
when you win.
The girls are prettier.
The cigars taste better.
The trees are greener.

Alfred Manuel “Billy” Martin, Jr.

(1928 – 1989, American MLB second baseman and manager)

You can have money
piled to the ceiling
but the size of your funeral
is still going
to depend on the weather.

Charles William “Chuck” Tanner

(1928 – 2011, left fielder and manager in the MLB)

The way
to make coaches think
you’re in shape
in the spring
is to get a tan.

Edward Charles “Whitey” Ford

(*1928, American former Major League Baseball pitcher)

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