SEO Quote: Pay attention to your statistics - Metrics such as “bounce rate” and “stickiness” model actual human behaviour.

If Readers Trust, Organic Links Follow – Essential Ranking Factors I

Trust and authority are essential ranking factors, but how do search engines evaluate these?

Forget about the so-called “Search Engine Optimisation” (SEO) when you are deciding on what to put on your website. Instead think of strong topics in your industry; not just those with high-ranking keywords, but concentrate on providing a unique perspective.

This will ultimately lead to the type of content the search engines are looking for – Intriguing and captivating articles, which people freely bookmark and share.

The following is a collection of significant quotes by leading SEO professionals who are running their own successful website businesses – Enjoy and learn..!

Earn trust from your visitors
and search engines
will follow suit.
Establish yourself
as an expert.
Create excellent content
that people want
to link to and share.

Matt McGee –

SEO Tips: Promote your promoters. Tweet about it. Stumble it. Helping them helps you - Brian Halligan

Google only loves you
when everyone else loves you first.

PageRank works
in very much the same way
as popularity
in grade school.
Generally speaking,
the more friends you have
(and the cooler they are),
the better.
As in the grade school analogy,
PageRank is based on
how many other sites like you.
That is, link to you.

Evan and Bradley Bailyn
Outsmarting Google: SEO Secrets to Winning New Business, page 8

Our advice for publishers
continues to be
to focus on delivering
the best possible user experience
on your websites
and not to focus too much
on what they think
are Google’s current
ranking algorithms or signals.

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