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50 Best Friends Quotes & Sayings about Friendship

Welcome to our collection of stimulating and insightful best friend quotes. True friendship is one of the most important things on Earth.

Friends are not just there to share our thoughts and happiness, we especially need them in times of sadness and difficulties. Friends support us, they encourage us, they provide strength…

A friend in need is a friend indeed – Latin Proverb

The quotes and sayings are sorted in order of the birth year of the author. To everyone, we hope you enjoy our feast of friendship quotes!

An insincere and evil friend
is more to be feared
than a wild beast;
a wild beast
may wound your body,
but an evil friend
will wound your mind.


(ca. 563 – 483 BC, his teachings founded Buddhism)

Friendship Quote: A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same - Elbert Green Hubbard

Friends show their love
in times of trouble,
not in happiness.


(ca. 480 – 406 BC, tragedian of classical Athens)

Wishing to be friends
is quick work,
but friendship
is a slow ripening fruit.


(384 – 322 BC, Greek philosopher and polymath)

A friend to all
is a friend to none.


(384 – 322 BC, Greek philosopher and polymath)

Never make friends
with people
who are above
or below you in status.
Such friendships
will never give you
any happiness.


(ca. 370 – 283 BC, Indian teacher,
philosopher and royal advisor)

To like and dislike
the same things,
this is what makes
a solid friendship.

Gaius Sallustius Crispus

(ca. 86 – 35 BC, Roman historian and politician)

One of the most beautiful
qualities of true friendship
is to understand
and to be understood.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

(4 BC – 65 AD, Roman Stoic philosopher,
statesman, and dramatist)

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