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50 Best Friends Quotes & Sayings about Friendship

A true friend is one
who overlooks your failures
and tolerates your success.

Doug Larson

(*1926, American columnist and editor)

Accountability in friendship
is the equivalent
of love without strategy.

Anita Brookner

(1928 – 2016, English language novelist and art historian)

Say what you want
about aging,
it’s still the only way
to have old friends.

Robert Brault

(*1938, American freelance writer)

A friend is someone
who gives you total freedom
to be yourself.

James Douglas “Jim” Morrison

(1943 – 1971, American singer-songwriter and poet)

A true friend is someone
who is there for you
when he’d rather
be anywhere else.

Len Wein

(*1948, American comic book writer and editor)

Good friends help you
to find important things
when you have lost them…
your smile, your hope,
and your courage.

Doe Zantamata

(??, author, photographer, and graphic designer)

A good friend listens
to your adventures,
a best friend
makes them with you.

Unknown author

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