He who does not trust enough will not be trusted - Lao Tzu

25 Substantial Quotes About Trust & Mistrust

Welcome to our compilation of the most meaningful quotes about trust and mistrust.

You develop faith in a friend or business partner who is consistently reliable and honest, not just occasionally on the spur of the moment, or at times…

Trust is built and maintained over a long period of time. It is a matter of character; we are trusted because of our way of being. And remember, trust is not built but rather destroyed, if you take advantage of someone, even in the slightest!

Our hand-picked selection is arranged by birth year of the author, focusing on building and maintaining trust throughout the history of mankind.

Enjoy, trust and share!

Never trust the advice
of a man in difficulties.


(620-564 BC, Greek fabulist and story teller)

Trust Quote: Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts - Joyce Brothers

He who does not trust enough
will not be trusted.

Lao Tzu

(6th century BC, philosopher of ancient China)

It is more shameful
to distrust our friends
than to be deceived by them.


(551 – 479 BC, Chinese teacher,
politician, and philosopher)

Trust dies
but mistrust blossoms.


(ca.497/6 – 406/5 BC, Greek tragedian)

Men trust their ears
less than their eyes.


(ca.484 – 425 BC, Greek historian)

Love all, trust a few,
do wrong to none.

William Shakespeare,
All’s Well That Ends Well

(1564 – 1616, English poet and playwright)

A body of men
holding themselves accountable to nobody
ought not to be trusted by anybody.

Thomas Paine

(1737 – 1809, English-American political author,
theorist and revolutionary)

Trust yourself,
then you will know
how to live.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

(1749 – 1832, German writer and politician)

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