Ignorance quote visualisation: Ignorance never settles a question - Benjamin Disraeli

50 Wise & Profound Quotes on Ignorance and Stupidity

There are many things
of which a wise man
might wish to be ignorant.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

(1803 – 1882, American essayist, lecturer and poet)

Ignorance Quote: The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd - Bertrand RussellImage: Luis Louro (Shutterstock)

Ignorance never
settles a question.

Benjamin Disraeli

(1804 – 1881, British Prime Minister and statesman)

To be conscious
that you are ignorant
is a great step
to knowledge.

Benjamin Disraeli

(1804 – 1881, British Prime Minister and statesman)

Stupidity is
a talent for misconception.

Edgar Allan Poe

(1809 – 1849, American author,
poet and literary critic)

Ignorance more frequently
begets confidence
than does knowledge.

Charles Darwin

(1809 – 1882, English naturalist)

Mystery is
but another name
for ignorance;
if we were omniscient,
all would be perfectly plain!

Tryon Edwards

(1809 – 1894, American theologian)

Against a stupidity
that is in fashion,
no wisdom compensates.

Theodor Fontane

(1819 – 1898, German novelist and poet)

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  1. The more quotes I read about ignorance, the more knowledgeable I become about the depth of my ignorance.