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50 Vital Investment Quotes by Investors & Business Magnates

Welcome to our collection of the most meaningful proverbs and intelligent sayings about investment, business and the creation of wealth.

Take a look at what true experts have said over centuries on the topic of investing. The quotes date back to Leonardo da Vinci, whilst others are from today’s authorities like Warren Buffett and Roman Abramovich.

Though markets change, good investing advice is timeless. Learn from those who succeeded – business tycoons, investors and economists from around the world – most of them millionaires and billionaires, offering solid financial advice.

The quotes are ordered chronologically by the birth year of the author. Enjoy!

He who wishes
to be rich
in a day
will be hanged
in a year.

Leonardo da Vinci

(1452 – 1519, Italian polymath, painter, sculptor, architect,
engineer, inventor, anatomist, botanist, and writer)

Investment quote: The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money - Warren Buffett

All that glitters
is not gold.

William Shakespeare

(1564 – 1616, English poet, playwright and actor)

An investment in knowledge
pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

(1706 – 1790, political theorist, scientist, and inventor)

The wise man
puts all his eggs
in one basket
and watches the basket.

Andrew Carnegie

(1835 – 1919, Scottish American industrialist
who led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry)

Justice blindfolded with money on a scaleFortune and misfortune
are two buckets
in the same well.

German Proverb

Opportunity is missed
by most people
because it is dressed
in overalls
and looks
like work.

Thomas Edison

(1847 – 1931, American inventor and businessman)

When everything seems
to be going against you,
that the airplane
takes off against the wind,
not with it.

Henry Ford

(1863 – 1947, American industrialist)

Markets can remain
irrational longer
than you
can remain solvent.

John Maynard Keynes

(1883 – 1946, British economist and author)

The market does not
beat them.
They beat themselves,
because though
they have brains
they cannot sit tight.

Jesse Lauriston Livermore,
also known “Great Bear of Wall Street”

(1877 – 1940, American stock trader)

when everyone else
is selling
and hold
when everyone else
is buying.
This is not merely
a catchy slogan.
It is the very essence
of successful investments.

Jean Paul Getty

(1892 – 1976, Anglo-American industrialist)

Gentleman sits cross legged in a chair with eyes closed and palms raised in a summoning poseNever let a poor man
advise you
on your investments.

Spanish Proverb

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