Ignorance quote visualisation: Ignorance never settles a question - Benjamin Disraeli

50 Wise & Profound Quotes on Ignorance and Stupidity

If you think
education is expensive,
try ignorance.

Derek Bok

(*1930, American lawyer,
former president of Harvard University)

The greatest ignorance
is to reject something
you know nothing about.

Derek Bok

(*1930, American lawyer,
former president of Harvard University)

There is no limit
to stupidity.
Space itself is said
to be bounded
by its own curvature,
but stupidity
continues beyond infinity.

Gene Wolfe

(*1931, American science fiction and fantasy writer)

The highest form
of ignorance is
when you reject something
you don’t know
anything about.

Wayne Dyer

(1940 – 2015, American self-help author
and motivational speaker)

Stupid is forever,
ignorance can be fixed.

Don Wood

(*1945, American artist and illustrator)

You can’t argue
with stupidity.

Jermaine Jackson

(*1954, American singer,
bass guitarist and composer)

can be educated.
can be medicated…
But there is
no cure for stupid.

Unknown Author

Stupidity should be painful.
Unknown Author

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  1. The more quotes I read about ignorance, the more knowledgeable I become about the depth of my ignorance.