Evocative & Profound Quotes on Communication

Of all of our inventions
for mass communication,
pictures still
speak the most universally
understood language.

Walter Elias “Walt” Disney

(1901 – 1966, American business magnate,
animator, and director)

Communication quote: Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break - Earl Wilson

Write to be understood,
speak to be heard,
read to grow.

Lawrence Clark Powell

(1906 – 2001, librarian, literary critic,
bibliographer and author)

Extremists think
‘communication’ means
agreeing with them.

Leo Calvin Rosten

(1908 – 1997, Polish-born American teacher,
academic, and humourist)

Communication leads
to community,
that is,
to understanding,
intimacy and mutual valuing.

Rollo Reece May

(1909 – 1994, American existential psychologist)

The most important thing
in communication
is hearing
what isn’t said.

Peter Ferdinand Drucker

(1909 – 2005, Austrian-born American management consultant,
educator, and author)

Of all the life skills
available to us,
communication is perhaps
the most empowering.

Bret Morrison

(1912 – 1978, American actor and radio voice)

There is a world
of communication
which is not
dependent on words.

Mary Virginia Martin

(1913 – 1990, American actress,
singer and Broadway star)

Most conversations
are simply monologues
in the presence
of witnesses.

Margaret Ellis Millar

(1915 – 1994, American-Canadian mystery
and suspense writer)

The two words
information and communication
are often used
but they signify
quite different things.
is giving out;
is getting through.

Sydney J. Harris

(1917 – 1986, American journalist)

A different language
is a different vision
of life.

Federico Fellini

(1920 – 1993, Italian film director and scriptwriter)

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