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Thinking Quotes to Inspire & Help Think Outside the Box

THINKING is the secret for a happy and rewarding life. Not essentially critical or positive thinking, but just thinking on its own.

Imaginative thinking is all about breaking free from conventional belief systems, questioning assumptions and public opinions, and seeing in every challenge a new opportunity.

The shepherd always tries
to persuade the sheep
that their interests
and his own
are the same.

Stendhal , pen name of Marie-Henri Beyle

(1783 – 1842, 19th-century French writer)

Thinking quote: Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve - Roger Lewin

Thoughts lead on
to purpose,
purpose leads on
to actions,
actions form habits,
habits decide character,
and character
fixes our destiny.

Tryon Edwards

(1809 – 1894, American theologian)

No way of thinking or doing,
however ancient,
can be trusted
without proof.

Henry David Thoreau

(1817 – 1862, American author, philosopher, naturalist, and historian)

The trouble with most folks
isn’t so much their ignorance,
as knowing so many things
that ain’t so.

Josh Billings, pen name of Henry Wheeler Shaw

(1818 – 1885, American humour writer and lecturer)

Few minds wear out;
more rust out.

Christian Nestell Bovee

(1820 – 1904, epigrammatic New York writer)

There is no slavery
but ignorance.
Liberty is the child
of intelligence.

Robert Green “Bob” Ingersoll

(1833 – 1899, American lawyer, Civil War veteran, and political leader)

Man can alter his life
by altering his thinking.

William James

(1842 – 1910, American philosopher and psychologist)

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