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Thinking Quotes to Inspire & Help Think Outside the Box

A great many people think
they are thinking
when they are merely
rearranging their prejudices.

William James

(1842 – 1910, American philosopher and psychologist)

Thinking quotes: Our minds are lazier than our bodies - La Rochefoucauld

It is well
for people who think,
to change
their minds occasionally
in order
to keep them clean.

Luther Burbank

(1849 – 1926, American botanist,
and pioneer in agricultural science)

A man who does not
think for himself
does not think at all.

Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde

(1854 – 1900, Irish writer and poet)

The eye sees only
what the mind
is prepared to comprehend.

Henri-Louis Bergson

(1859 – 1941, major French philosopher)

A good listener
is usually thinking
about something else.

Kin Hubbard, pen name of Frank McKinney Hubbard

(1868 – 1930, American cartoonist, humourist, and journalist)

The fact that
an opinion has been
widely held
is no evidence whatever
that it is not
utterly absurd.

Bertrand Arthur William Russell

(1872 – 1970, British nobleman, philosopher, logician,
mathematician, historian, and social critic)

Broken glass mobile phone with footballA wise man makes his own decisions;
an ignorant man follows the public opinion.

Chinese proverb

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