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Best 25 Expressive and Noteworthy Stock Market Quotes

If stock market experts
were so expert,
they would be buying stock,
not selling advice.

Norman Ralph Augustine

(*1935, American aerospace businessman)

Stock Market Quote: Investment philosophy is the clear understanding that by owning shares of stocks he owns businesses, not pieces of paper - Warren Buffett

Do not buy
the hype from Wall Street
and the press
that stocks always go up.
There are long periods
when stocks do nothing
and other investments
are better.

James Beeland “Jim” Rogers, Jr.

(*1942, American businessman,
investor and author)

You have to learn
that there’s a company
behind every stock,
and that there’s only one
real reason
why stocks go up.
Companies go from doing poorly
to doing well
or small companies
grow to large companies.

Peter Lynch

(*1944, American businessman and stock investor)

If you don’t study any companies,
you have the same success
buying stocks
as you do in a poker game
if you bet
without looking at your cards.

Peter Lynch

(*1944, American businessman and stock investor)

Investors must keep in mind
that there’s a difference
between a good company
and a good stock.
After all,
you can buy a good car
but pay too much for it.

Richard H. Thaler

(*1945, American economist)

In the stock market…
You can be right
for the wrong reasons
or wrong
for the right reasons.

John Allen Paulos

(*1945, American professor of mathematics)

The stock market is
the story of cycles
and of the human behaviour
that is responsible
for overreactions
in both directions.

Seth Klarman

(*1957, American billionaire
who founded the Baupost Group)

Easiest way to earn money
in the stock market:
Ask a layman to trade.
Sell whatever he buys.
Buy whatever he sells.

Hrishikesh Sengupta

(Indian businessman and trader)

It is always better
to buy a good stock
at a bad price
than buying a bad stock
at a good price.

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