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50 Vital Investment Quotes by Investors & Business Magnates

the more complex the system,
the greater the room for error.

George Soros

(*1930, Hungarian-born American business magnate)


Investment Quote: Never let a poor man advise you on your investments - Spanish Proverb

There are no rules
about investment.
Sharks can be good.
Artist’s dung can be good.
Oil on canvas can be good.

Charles Saatchi

(*1943, British businessman)

It’s one of the most
important things
at the end of the day,
being able to say no
to an investment.

Henry R. Kravis

(*1944, American businessman)

When buying shares,
ask yourself,
would you buy
the whole company?

Rene Rivkin

(1944 – 2005, Australian investor and stockbroker)

Attractive brunette woman with a mouthful of cashYou get what you pay for.
English Proverb

Know what you own,
and know why you own it.

Peter Lynch

(*1944, American businessman and stock investor)

The worst thing
you can do
is to invest in companies
you know nothing about.

Peter Lynch

(*1944, American businessman and stock investor)

Although it’s easy
to forget sometimes,
a share is not
a lottery ticket.
It’s part ownership
of a business.

Peter Lynch

(*1944, American businessman and stock investor)

Smart investing
doesn’t consist
of buying good assets,
but of buying assets well.
This is a very,
very important distinction
that very, very few
people understand.

Howard Marks

(*1946, American investor and writer)

Happy man fondles his money tree houseplantWhen the deal is done,
discuss it no more;
it is difficult
to collect dispersed water.

Chinese Proverb

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