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Provocative and Controversial Insurance Quotes

Insurance has a reputation for annoying, high-pressure salespeople, an abundance of small print, unnecessarily sold contracts, unreasonably high premiums, claims being disputed or not paid at all, and so on…

However, what many people fail to realise is that the underlying principle of insurance is, “the premiums of the many pay for the losses of the few”. Insurance is based on numbers and actuarial statistics, and is a game of risks and probabilities.

Here is our collection of 25 provocative and disputable insurance quotes. Some quotes are controversial and thought-provoking, some are even amusing. They are sorted in chronological order by the birth year of the author. Enjoy!

Justice is the insurance
which we have
on our lives and property.
Obedience is the premium
which we pay for it.

William Penn

(1644 – 1718, English real estate entrepreneur)

Insurance Quote: I detest life-insurance agents - Stephen Leacock

an ingenious modern game of chance
in which
the player is permitted
to enjoy
the comfortable conviction
that he is beating the man
who keeps the table.

Ambrose Bierce

(1842 – 1913, American journalist, fabulist, and satirist)

I detest
life insurance agents:
they always argue
that I shall someday die,
which is not so.

Stephen Leacock

(1869 – 1944, English-born Canadian teacher,
writer, and humorist)

Simply by not owning
three medium-sized castles in Tuscany
I have saved enough money
in the last forty years
on insurance premiums alone
to buy another
medium-sized castle in Tuscany.

Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

(1886 – 1969, last director of Berlin’s Bauhaus,
and pioneering master of modern architecture)

The determination
of life insurance salesmen to succeed
has made life
pretty soft for widows.

William Feather

(1889 – 1981, American publisher and author)

Americans have an abiding belief
in their ability
to control reality
by purely material means…
airline insurance
replaces the fear of death
with the comforting prospect of cash.

Cecil Beaton

(1904 – 1980, English photographer,
diarist, painter, and designer)

Unemployment insurance
is a pre-paid vacation
for freeloaders.

Ronald Reagan

(1911 – 2004, American actor,
40th President of the U.S.)

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