Both terrorism and insurance sell fear - and business is business - Liam McCurry

Provocative and Controversial Insurance Quotes

Facts are,
insurance ratings
are really dependent on the notion
that some people
are higher risk than others.

Patrick J Kennedy

(*1967, American politician)

Insurance Quote: There are worse things in life than death – evening with insurance salesman - Woody Allen

A client is usually afraid
of the small print
and reads it carefully,
whilst his insurance agent
often does not fully understand
the LARGE print.

Roberto Bellusci

(*1968, English commercial insurance specialist)

I worked in an insurance office
for six years,
and it was there
that I just woke up one day
and realised
there was something
massively lacking in my life,
and a non-contributory pension
and a subsidised canteen
could not fill it.

Jamie Sives

(*1973, Scottish actor)

I don’t want to know
I’m getting older.
Then I’ll start to think
about getting checkups and insurance.
I don’t want that.


(*1973, Senegalese-American R&B,
and hip hop recording artist)

My insurance provider
probably wouldn’t allow me
to go into a mosh pit anymore.
My brain is insured
by Lloyd’s of London,
you know what I’m saying?

Cee Lo Green

(*1975, American singer-songwriter,
rapper, and record producer)

I know what it’s like
to have a family
and not have insurance
and really need it.
As a comic,
insurance was one
of those sacrifices
I made early on
until I could afford it.

Gabriel Iglesias

(*1976, American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer)

Insurance companies sell
what might happen tomorrow.
Historians sell
what certainly happened yesterday.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

(South African philosopher and social critic)

Insurances make solicitors
take their cases on
a no-win, no-fee basis.
This is a major caveat
that more people
should be aware of.
Fewer people would be inclined
to buy these policies
if the implications
were made clear
at the point of sale.

Miles Brignall

(Consumer issues writer for the Guardian newspaper)

I know nothing about racing
and any money
I put on a horse
is a sort of insurance policy
to prevent it winning.

Frank Richardson

Education is
what you get
from reading the small print;
experience is
what you get
from not reading it.

Common Saying

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