Both terrorism and insurance sell fear - and business is business - Liam McCurry

Provocative and Controversial Insurance Quotes

Both terrorism and insurance
sell fear
– and business is business.

Liam McCurry

(*1925, American author,
former U.S. Marine Corps veteran)

Quote: Insurance companies sell what might happen tomorrow - Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Show business is my life.
When I was a kid
I sold insurance,
but nobody laughed.

Don Rickles

(*1926, American stand-up comedian and actor)

When I said
I no longer wanted
to be a painter,
that I wanted
to be an actor,
the first thing I did
was get a stinking job
in an insurance building.

Rod Taylor

(*1930, Australian film and TV actor)

There are worse things
in life than death.
Have you ever spent an evening
with an insurance salesman?

Woody Allen

(*1935, American screenwriter, actor, and comedian)

The Act of God designation
on all insurance policies;
which means, roughly,
that you cannot be insured
for the accidents
that are most likely
to happen to you.

Alan Coren

(1938 – 2007, English humorist, writer, and satirist)

The chief beneficiary
of life insurance policies
for young, single people
is the life insurance agent.

Wes Smith

(*1949, American lawyer, author,
and bioethics consultant)

Some directors expect you
to do everything;
write, be producer,
Some just want you
to die in a tragic accident
during the shooting
so they can get the insurance.

John Malkovich

(*1953, American actor, producer, and director)

I like gold
because it is a stabilizer;
it is an insurance policy.

Kevin O’Leary

(*1954, Canadian businessman, investor, and writer)

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