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25 Passionate Quotes from the Major League Baseball

It’s definitely ‘not cricket’, but Major League Baseball can trace its origins to folk and village games such as ‘stoolball’ and ‘rounders’, which have been enjoyed in England for many centuries.*

We have collected together 25 of the best baseball quotes from famous pitchers, catchers, managers, commentators, and insights from a baseman or two.

The quotes are sorted chronologically by birth date of the originator. We think they strike the right pitch and there are definitely no foul balls here.


* For the benefit of the uninformed, Major League Baseball is one of America’s national pastimes and its popularity and success as a spectator sport have longevity of almost 150 years.

Humanity is the keystone
that holds nations and men together.
When that collapses,
the whole structure crumbles.
This is as true of baseball teams
as any other pursuit in life.

Connie Mack

(1862 – 1956, American MLB catcher, manager, and team owner)

Baseball Quotes: Illustrating image of a game Rochester Red Wings vs Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees

In playing or managing,
the game of baseball
is only fun for me
when I’m out
in front and winning.
I don’t give
a hill of beans
for the rest of the game.

John McGraw

(1873 – 1934, American MLB infielder and manager)

Baseball is a red-blooded sport
for red-blooded men.
It’s no pink tea,
and mollycoddles
had better stay out.
It’s a struggle for supremacy,
a survival of the fittest.

Ty Cobb

(1886 – 1961, American Major League Baseball outfielder)

Luck is
the great stabilizer in baseball.

Tris Speaker

(1888 – 1958, American baseball center fielder and manager)

Look at misfortune
the same way you look at success.
Don’t Panic!
Do your best and forget the consequences.

Walt Alston

(1911 – 1984, American MLB first baseman and manager)

Do what you love to do
and give it your very best.
Whether it’s business or baseball,
or the theater, or any field.
If you don’t love what you’re doing
and you can’t give it your best,
get out of it.
Life is too short.
You’ll be an old man
before you know it.

Al Lopez

(1908 – 2005, American Major League Baseball catcher and manager)

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