Baseball Quotes vizualisation: Luck is the great stabilizer in baseball - Tris Speaker

25 Passionate Quotes from the Major League Baseball

There are three types
of baseball players:
those who make it happen,
those who watch it happen,
and those
who wonder what happens.

Tommy Lasorda

(*1927, American former MLB pitcher and manager)

Baseball Quote: Look at misfortune the same way you look at success. Do your best and forget the consequences. Walt Alston

Baseball is about talent,
hard work, and strategy.
But at the deepest level,
it’s about love,
integrity, and respect.

Pat Gillick

(*1937, American former general manager of several MLB teams)

If you had a pill
that would guarantee
a pitcher 20 wins,
but might take
five years off his life,
he’d take it.

Jim Bouton

(*1939, American former Major League Baseball pitcher)

You can’t be afraid
to make errors!
You can’t be afraid
to be naked before the crowd,
because no one can ever master
the game of baseball,
or conquer it.
You can only challenge it.

Lou Brock

(*1939, American former Major League Baseball left fielder)

My baseball career
was a long, long initiation
into a single secret:
At the heart of all things is love.

Sadaharu Oh

(*1940, Japanese-Taiwanese retired professional
baseball first baseman and manager)

In baseball, my theory is
to strive for consistency,
not to worry about the numbers.
If you dwell on statistics
you get short-sighted,
if you aim for consistency,
the numbers will be there at the end.

Tom Seaver

(*1944, American former Major League Baseball pitcher)

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