Baseball Quotes vizualisation: Luck is the great stabilizer in baseball - Tris Speaker

25 Passionate Quotes from the Major League Baseball

No game in the world
is as tidy and dramatically
neat as baseball,
with cause and effect,
crime and punishment,
motive and result,
so cleanly defined.

Paul Gallico

(1897 – 1976, American novelist, short story and sports writer)

Baseball Quote: Baseball is about talent, hard work, and strategy. It's about love, integrity, and respect - Pat Gillick

Every day
is a new opportunity.
You can build
on yesterday’s success
or put its failures behind
and start over again.
That’s the way life is,
with a new game every day,
and that’s the way baseball is.

Bob Feller

(1918 – 2010, American Major League Baseball pitcher)

Baseball is a lot
like life.
It’s a day-to-day existence,
full of ups and downs.
You make the most
of your opportunities in baseball
as you do in life.

Ernie Harwell

(1918 – 2010, American sportscaster and MLB commentator)

Such a beautiful sport,
with no politics involved,
no color, no class.
Only as a youngster
can you play
and as a pro
can you win.
The game has kept me young,
involved and excited.
And to be up here
with the gems of baseball
is like,
for you people, I’m sure,
looking at some diamonds
in the front window
of a jewelry store.

Jack Buck

(1924 – 2002, American sportscaster and MLB commentator)

Close don’t count in baseball.
Close only counts
in horseshoes and grenades.

Frank Robinson

(*1935, American former MLB outfielder and manager)

In the split second
from the time the ball
leaves the pitcher’s hand
until it reaches the plate,
you have to think
about your stride,
your hip action,
your wrist action,
determine how much, if any,
the ball is going to break,
and then decide
whether to swing at it.

Duke Snider

(1926 – 2011, American Major League Baseball center fielder)

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