Complexity is not be admired; It is to be avoided - Jack Trout, The Power of Simplicity

Make Money With Your Website – Strategic Advisory Quotes

The secret is
to make the time to immerse yourself
in the people you’re marketing to.
To live them,
breathe with them
and study them from every angle.

Lisa Fortini-Campbell,
Hitting the Sweet Spot

(Adjunct Professor of Executive Education)

SEO - Quote - Strategic Advisory: People will tell you exactly what they want. Listen. Extrapolate. Do something with that information - Brian Clark

Never let your ads
write checks
that your website
can’t cash.

Avinash Kaushik

(, author and digital marketing evangelist for Google)

Success comes from persistently
improving and inventing,
not from persistently promoting
what’s not working.

Derek Sivers

Anything You Want, page 3

Never forget
social media is for reach
but email is for revenue.

Bryan Eisenberg

Ranking well
does not necessarily translate to
relative site popularity
or sites meeting their objectives
(desired conversions).
SEO gets the visitor to the door.
It’s up to your site’s content
to welcome and retain that visitor.

John I. Jerkovic

SEO Warrior, page 1

If you don’t have someone
responsible and accountable
for turning all
of the online dials
and clearly setting
the direction for your online strategy
as well as making sure
your strategy lines up
with all of the other marketing programs
that are being executed,
your online strategy will fail.

Rob Crigler

Q&A With Rob Crigler, Director Of Interactive Marketing For Orkin

When you create something
that is popular,
when you create a solution,
you’re an innovator
and you solve problems for people
and they like
what you have to offer,
of course
you automatically make money.

Kim Dotcom

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