Money isn't everything, but it sure keeps the kids in touch

Top 50 Money Jokes – Short Quick One-Liners

Money One Liners
related to Family and Friends

Don’t marry for money;
you can borrow it cheaper.
Scottish Proverb

Cartoon: Businessmen look on as old timer uses divining rodThis guy knows how to find revenue streams.

Money can’t buy you
true love.
It does however
put you in
a good bargaining position.

Since he lost
his entire fortune,
half of his friends
do not want
to know him anymore.
The other half
do not know it yet!

What leads
most people into debt?
Trying to catch up with people
who are already there.

What’s the best way
to get in touch
with your long-lost relatives?
Win the Lottery.

If you think
no one cares about you,
try missing
a couple of payments.

Money isn’t everything…
But it sure
keeps the kids in touch.

There are
three kinds of people.
Those who can count
and those who cannot.

Question Answer Jokes

Where can you
always find money?
In the dictionary.

How’s the boy
who swallowed a pound coin?
No change yet.

Why did the boy
eat his cash?
Because it was his dinner money!

Why is sex
like a bank account?
Because once you withdraw,
you lose all interest.

How do dinosaurs
pay their bills?
With Tyrannosaurus cheques!

What do you get
if you cross a sorceress
with a millionaire?
A very witch woman!

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